Activities for Kids in South Korea



International schools in South Korea are great in number and provide many options to expatriate children.

Yongsan International School of Seoul, International Christian School of Uijongbu, and Seoul Christian School are only a few of these schools that cater to expat communities.

A child who has studied in another country may find the local learning culture a little unique though. After regular classes in any public or independent schools in South Korea, kids usually have to take supplementary classes in tutorial centers as a way of training children early for the university.

Of course, South Korea is not all school and expat kids will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy their childhood. A lot of rides and magnificent views await them at the Children's Grand Park in Seoul. They can also warm up to even more fun at Asan Hot Springs during cold winter days. They can also spend a day at Gyeongju National Museum exploring the Shilla Dynasty.

May 5 is Children's Day in South Korea and a perfect opportunity for parents to bond with their little ones. Expatriates who find their way in this country are glad for the warm and family-oriented culture of the locals, just another reason why many of those who came to work end up bringing their families here and staying for good.



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