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There is more to moving to Puerto Rico aside from preparing your home, education of your kids, and familiarising with the cities and environment. Those are essential things, really. But what a majority of expats forget could be the most important of all: securing your health while in another country. Of course, it doesn’t seem like an immediate need especially if you or your family are in good health and if you have been offered a travel insurance for your first months. But once an accident or emergency hits, you will realise how much insurance can help you out and prevent you from being financially crippled. Educate yourself about the different benefits of being insured and let us give you some information on how you can protect yourself while in Puerto Rico.

Getting Insurance

Your employer should be the first source of information regarding the level of benefits you have access to. Medical cover should be part of your relocation package along with other compensation and benefits in your contract. If there are parts of your policy that seems unclear, it is best that you talk to the Human Resource office either at home or at the Puerto Rico Office so they can elaborate the coverage of your insurance. You should also check if your company’s broker is accredited by the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions, a government sector that ensures all insurance providers in Puerto Rico are adhering to their policies and operating legally.

There are also other means for you to get health care such as calling some of the international and local brokers in Puerto Rico. Choosing the right company will define your security and protection, so take your time in studying their different policies to see which one can suit your needs. AXA Global Healthcare is one of the international companies that provides top of the line health coverage to expats in Puerto Rico. Another option for you is a local company such as Pan-American Life Insurance Company of Puerto Rico which is known as the most financially stable insurer in the country ever since 1920.


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Importance of Insurance

Dengue fever is a common illness in Puerto Rico where cases are mostly higher between the months of September and November. Since it is a Caribbean country and the climate can get really hot during the summer season, you must protect yourself from direct exposure to sunlight to avoid heat exhaustion, rashes or worst, heat stroke. You should also refrain from feeding or getting close to any animals because they might contain infectious diseases such as rabies.

Those types of health risks are not alarming unless you failed to get immediate treatment. As an expat in a foreign land, you must ensure that your health can withstand the changes in the new environment so that you can avoid getting seriously ill. Even if you have enough savings or income to go to a hospital, the cost of medical services can still be pricey in total. A decent healthcare will not just aid you in major treatments or hospitalisation, but can also cover the fees for your regular check-ups, vaccinations, and physical exams. Those so called services are can prevent you from being sick and even daily vitamins can be requested covered by your insurer as long as it is prescribed by a physician.

Local Insurance in Puerto Rico

If you are from the United States or have been to the U.S, you can expect a similar type of public health care system in Puerto Rico. Under the Puerto Rican Health Reform or La Reforma, citizens, especially those who are poor can receive free medical service from the three government contracted private insurance companies namely: Triple-S Inc, Humana and Medical Card System (MCS). Aside from La Reforma, the state also has a social security scheme where persons with disability, elderly and survivors are entitled to receive tax-funded benefits through monthly cash allowances. Currently, there are over 90 hospitals across the US unincorporated territory where you will find most of them manned by skilled medical staff. Both the public and private health care system in the country is considered to be in good condition, but services usually vary depending on how your insurance company works. In case of an accident or immediate need, you can dial the universal emergency number 911.

Local insurance in Puerto Rico is affordable and mostly covers pre-existing conditions. But as an expat, the best choice for you is still an international provider since they are more inclined to meet the needs and lifestyle of foreign nationals abroad. You can also be sure that wherever you are or even when travelling, you will receive world-class medical coverage from these multi-national companies.



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