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Rental fees in Israel vary depending on the area and budget. An upscale apartment can cost about 10,000 INS a month while one in a lower class area for one person can cost about 5,602 – 253 INS. There are many properties for rent in Israel and this allows expats great freedom in choosing the one that suits their lifestyle and budget, although given that the country is going through kidnappings, terrorist attacks and the launching of rockets in major cities.

Jerusalem is one of the real estate havens in Israel; a three-room apartment in this city can cost around 48,323.28 - 2,772.42 INS per month. The price range in this city is more reasonable compared to that in Tel Aviv. At the moment, the costs of accommodation in Israel may be impacted by the tensions with Jerusalem, where attacks and violent demonstrations affect daily life in the city.

Landlords in Israel measure the size of an apartment in two ways - the netto and the bruto. The former includes measurements of closets, cupboards, and the hallways of the entire house. Netto includes all major rooms in the house, including the bedroom and saloon space.

It is important to check the rented space carefully and examine all details of the rental agreement. Expats should specifically look into the worth of the property being congruent with that of its price before signing any contract. Expats looking for accommodation in Israel are advised to exercise a high degree of caution when getting around, due to the risks present in the country.



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