Pet Import Regulations Israel



Last updated February 2024

International pet relocation to Israel is not complicated and should be easily followed with the right information and guidance.  It is important that expats who are bringing their pets to the country do some research on the risks involved. Israel is presently at war with Hamas. Animals that are being brought to the country may be affected by the current state that the country is in, and expats are advised to be cautious.

Foreigners relocating to Israel are allowed to bring up to two animals not considered wildlife without a Veterinary Import Permit. However, dogs and cats must come with a microchip (ISO standard 11784/11785) which is the only form of identification accepted under the country's pet relocation policies. Without a microchip, the pet must come with its own scanner.   

One of the requirements for relocating pets to Israel is a Veterinary Health Certificate to be issued by a government-accredited veterinarian in a transported animal's country of origin 14 days before departure. This certificate is supposed to indicate that the pet has been examined and found free of any contagious disease and has been with the owner for at least three months.   

Apart from the Veterinary Health Certificate, an International Certificate proving a transported animal is free of rabies one to twelve months prior to shipment will also be required. Dogs and cats younger than 120 days, however, will not be allowed entry. Upon arriving in Israel, animals who do not come with their owners, as well as those whose owners are required to submit an import permit, will be quarantined for at least eight days.

Pet transport to Israel also require all animals to undergo a blood titer test before they are admitted into the country.Providers of pet relocation to Israel can help making compliance with all these requirements simpler and easier. These professionals will know everything there is to know about the process and can work to ensure that pets travel safely and comfortably despite the current situation that Israel is in.



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