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Mail Forwarding in Hungary

Before moving to Hungary, make sure to cancel all of your subscriptions and make an arrangement with the post office. This makes it possible for you to get all your mails even when you are in Hungary. When a mail comes for you, you will be notified by the post office and you can request for the mails to be forwarded to your current address.

Earth Class Mail secures your packages and mail as you reside in Hungary or in other countries worldwide. The intra-account can be accessed online and is available 24-hours a day. Once they receive your mail and packages, they will provide you with an image which will then be sent to your account.

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For the best mail forwarding solutions, choose US Global Mail (USGM). To secure your packages while living in Hungary, they have included the option of choosing a physical address where your mails can be shipped. A virtual mailbox is also helpful in order to track the status of the incoming packages and to view photos of it online.

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