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In Budapest, there is a shortage in short term rental facilities but renting townhouses, apartments and houses is possible. Rentals here are very affordable compared to those of neighboring countries. However, rates will naturally vary in different cities, ranging from Ft15, 000 (US$75) to Ft200, 000 (US$1000), excluding utilities.   

The best places to rent are found in the capital city of Budapest where expatriates can have a choice between Buda, comprising the eastern section, and Pest, comprising the west.

Singles mostly prefer to stay in Pest where apartments are nearer workplaces and night life is very active. Married expats, especially those who have children, opt to stay in Buda, particularly in 12th and 2nd districts where houses have gardens and garages and the atmosphere is residential.    

When renting a Hungarian property, a tenancy agreement will usually be signed by the tenant and the landlord and the former is expected to give an upfront cash outlay of 2 to 3 months in advance payment plus rent for the first month of stay. Reading carefully the details of the tenancy agreement will help clear some issues regarding tenancy. Usually, the agreement will be written in two languages so as to address language differences and avoid legal issues.  



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