Pet Import Regulations in Hungary



Expats relocating pets to Hungary will go through a smooth import process as long as certain requirements are met.  

Very important documents to be submitted for pet transport are a Health Certificate issued by a government-accredited veterinarian in the pet's country of origin. This certificate must indicate the animal's microchip number and show that the pet has received complete vaccinations against rabies. 

These vaccines should be given from 1-12 months prior to the animal's date of departure and must also be recorded on a separate sheet, to be submitted as original Rabies Vaccination Record together with other pet relocation requirements. The owner must also submit a copy of the owner's passport, visa or work permit and airway bill if the animal is shipped as cargo.   

Pet relocation in Hungary policies dictate that shippers need to give a notice at least three days in advance to the Veterinary Ministry of Hungary to allow the setting up of the Vet clearance, especially on weekends. In case the pet does not have a microchip, it has to be sent with its own scanner upon reaching Hungary.  

To ensure all regulations are observed, it is best for an expat to hire pet relocation service to Hungary which can provide professional advice for a smooth import process.



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