Emergency Numbers in Hungary



Telephone numbers you can call during emergencies should be some of the things an expat must always remember. And because there are many of these numbers, sometimes, they can be forgotten, especially when emergency situations occur. Hence, it is very important for one to keep a record of these helpline in his mobile phone or anywhere in the house where everyone can see them.   

In Hungary, 104 is the number to dial when one is faced with a medical situation and in calling the ambulance. For police situations, people can call 107. For fire emergencies, 105 can be dialed while for 24-hour pharmacies, one can call 06-1-311-4439.

There have been so many situations when people have not been able to obtain the right assistance for certain emergencies simply because they lost their copy of these emergency help lines. However, while the government and even the private sector are contributing to the maintenance of these vital numbers, it is up to the individual to remember all of these hotlines or, at least, have a record of them, so they can be accessed quickly. 

Emergency response is one of the things Hungary is proud of. Wherever and whatever the emergency is, a response to every call made is guaranteed. 



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