Cost of Living in Hungary



Hungary has one of the most affordable lifestyles among European Union countries, especially in the rural areas. The official currency is still the Hungarian Forint, the only circulating currency introduced by a socialist European state.


Most single expats usually find a modest studio to rent for around 80,000 HUF (289 EUR) that includes heating, water and electricity. For cost-friendlier alternatives, you could share a flat with other expats and only pay about 23,932 to 74,789 HUF a month. Those who move with their families have a variety of choices of spacious homes with yards priced anywhere from 250,000 to 1,500,000 HUF per month exclusive of utilities. Those seeking to buy their own houses will also appreciate the reasonable property prices in Hungary.


Electricity costs around 1,200 - 1,400 HUF a month while drinking water is about 194 HUF per cubic meter. 

Internet prices depend on specific packages offered by service providers. There are many areas where accessibility is poor and sometimes the cost of service is higher than in most neighboring countries. Where there is connectivity, most contracts are good for one to two years but terms can change every month. Most expats prefer to go to Internet cafes in shopping centers where the costs are cheap and they can spend hours on VoIP calls with relatives back home. 

Including electricity, water, internet, telephone and television usage, an average bill is around 20,000 HUF a month. Mobile phones can be expensive both for a unit's cost and credit. Most expats obtain mobile phones only when they sublet a Hungarian's contract. While pre-paid SIMs are available, they can also be costly. 

Food & Beverages 

A typical household in Hungary will spend a third of income on food, which is cheap when home-cooked, produced locally, or in season. Grocery prices are cheaper compared to neighboring EU countries, especially those sourced from local markets or small shops. About 20,000 HUF a month should be enough for one adult, although buying fresh food and local produce can reduce the price further.

Dinner at cheap but decent restaurants can cost from 400 - 500 HUF, but in higher upscale restaurants, a bill can total between 2,500 and 3,000 HUF per person. Foreign foods can also be more expensive than local dishes due to the high prices of unique spices and ingredients. Beer and coffee are cheap while cocktails are more expensive, but are still cheaper than Western Europe and the US. 


A tram pass costs around 1450 HUF and will be good for a month. Those who usually take the bus should allot at least 1550 HUF. For most people, the tram is usually enough to get them around the cities.  

It is a well-known fact that expat workers, especially those employed by international companies, earn the highest wages in the country. This is good news for those who are in the planning stages of moving to this exceptionally cultured and prosperous nation called Hungary.



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