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You have been offered a job overseas and need to look into all the aspects of your relocation? You have come to the right place!

If you have had a look at negotiating your cost of living allowance and secured a good level of benefits in your expat contract well it’s the right time to look into the relocation part. International relocation involves a lot of things more than just household goods moves. Without proper guidance, you might just fall into a state of chaos and end up in a panic when you arrive in your new host country. You can avoid all the hassle and make sure that you have everything prepared and organised even before you move out by having the right information and the right assistance from the experts in global relocation.

Discover everything you need to know about relocating abroad and how you can make things easier for you and your family. Allow us to guide you through the overall process of global relocation through some of the most important things you should take care of before you start packing.


Before you start packing for your move abroad, make sure you have the right options for accommodations in place. Figure out your best options if you would need temporary accommodations while you’re looking for a more permanent housing in your new country of residence or check if you can arrange a permanent accommodation before you even arrive in the country.

Explore all your options and know what you need to do to find the best housing and accommodation for your life abroad. Learn about the types of housing, how to conduct your home search by using agents, destination service providers, real estate practices, serviced apartments, etc. before you make an informed decision about your new home and your new life as an expat abroad.


International moving can be very stressful with all the big decisions you need to make as well as organising everything before the move and making sure that you have the right dates for the removals and your own trip. There are many things that can go wrong with just a simple missed detail.

Read more about all the things that you need to prepare and how you can go about household goods moves abroad without all the stress through our global moving guide. Learn about modes of transport, shipping costs, container sizes, selecting movers, making checklists, relocation management and much more for all the information you will need to avoid extra stress and hassle for your move overseas.


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Find out all you need to know about putting your kids to school overseas. Compare international and local school education and more in this section.


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