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We all have that stage in our lives where we realise the importance of getting protection from insurance. This usually comes to light as one prepares to become an expat. Yes, that is one more thing to add to your already long checklist.

While maintaining the same standard of living is important when preparing your assignment or your family’s relocation, obtaining the same level of protection for your day-to-day life should also be of primary focus.

Some of the standard risks might be covered within your benefits package offered by your employer, but covering more personal related risks such as household and car insurance will require you to dig into the local offers.

Relocation packages offered by hiring companies nowadays often do not cover international risks and they tend to “localise” the employee except for business travel and offshore corporate related risks. The global lifestyle that you are stepping in requires portability and access to covers that truly reflect your lifestyle without borders, or at least, covers that allow you to come back and forth between host country (your assignment destination) and home country.

In this guide, we will take you through all the essential insurance and tools that should be on an expatriate’s mind.


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