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Handling your finances abroad can be a complicated task. There are many things you need to know about money matters when you're living abroad, like tax filing overseas, foreign currency exchange, foreign investments, offshore banking, and much more. In this page, let us introduce you to the world of personal finance and money management for your global lifestyle.

There are many ways to get foreign currency exchange services while living abroad. Find out which service suits your lifestyle overseas. Read more about currency brokers, the risks of foreign currency transactions, and how the foreign currency exchange market can work for you.


Transfer Money Overseas

Currency Exchange services that can save you a lot on fees and hidden costs. Regular salary remittance or one time transfers.

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Understand what current accounts are and how it can be useful to your life abroad. Learn more about local and international banking, multi-currency accounts and offshore current accounts and find the best banking solution for you.

Tired of sending money bank and forth? Why not cut the middle-man and open offshore savings account that you can access anywhere in the world. Learn everything you need to know about offshore savings and its benefits while you're living abroad.

Buying property abroad can be a complicated ordeal. Read more about mortgage research, expat mortgage costs, and choosing a mortgage overseas to make an informed decision before you buy property abroad.

Explore detailed information about international investments, financial options and different kinds of financial investments while you're living overseas.

Discover the best ways to save money while living abroad, retirement savings plans, and apps that can help you save money no matter where you are in the world.

Wondering what QROPS is and its benefits? Read more about it, including alternative to QROPS and other international pension services.

Need more information about tax filing for US citizens and residents abroad? Read more about key information and what you need to know about US expat taxes.

Learn more about tax filing overseas and other general information about expat taxes and find solutions on how to have a hassle-free tax filing abroad.


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